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Lana Rose

Upfront and honest talk with Lana I'm a Sexy British Hotwife, Mother, Friend Sister and PhD Student living in Canada. With so many of us becoming more interested in a consensual non-monogamous lifestyle, it's becoming more mainstream to find information as to how to delve into this space, but not so easy to find the why, we want to step away from societal norm's and discover ourselves on a different level. So I'm here to share some of what I've learned along my journey of self-discovery from a personal and science-based perspective.I like to post sexy pictures and videos, some vanilla, some kinky. uncensored offerings can be seen with Patreon or purchases. But I'll try and entice your imagination.​My Podcast will contain stories of my adventures, with and without Mr Rose, Science and research-based discussions on different aspects of the non-monogamous lifestyle including, Swinging, Hotwifing, Cuckolding, Polyamory, Kink and much more. ​​